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I have pulled THE ULTIMATE IMMUNITY CHALLENGE offline for an update. So many things have changed in medicine and health, I thought it prudent to make some changes. Mainly, I’m adding information to better serve you in deciding the best way to keep your family free from disease.

Now that doctors are realizing their dependency on pharmaceuticals is a crutch and not a cure, we will learn that prevention is the cure to eradicating metabolic diseases. Our bodies are have been designed to keep us alive. It will heal itself, if given the right food, sleep, exercise, and unpolluted water and air.

When the New Edition of THE ULTIMATE IMMUNITY CHALLENGE is available, I will make it available in paperback also.

Thank you for your patience!


To get your copy click on the book!

The Companion Cookboo3D_coverk to The Ultimate Immunity Challenge is now available on as an ebook.

This book is written in response to the hundreds of people who have asked for recipes to help them with the transition to preventative living. This is the near future for those who wish for their families to remain disease free and move into the next phase of healthcare.

Plagued by diseases that have no cures and the heartbreak of losing the people we love can be put behind us. These diseases; cancer, heart disease, diabetes, asthma, obesity, and a host of other diseases, don’t have cures, but you can prevent them. They are diseases of excessive lifestyle.

Our children and grandchildren’s life expectancies are lower than our own and rapidly declining yearly. We are victims of a lifestyle that is killing us. Learn how to eat to live…and live a life that is healthy.

My recipes are delicious, without dairy, without animal products, many are with wheat substitutions, and healthy. AND weekly, I will add more recipes on this website to keep you with an arsenal full of healthy eating!


Well, it happened! Finally uploaded my book to Amazon. You can find it by clicking on the link posted on this site. I hope you will order the e-book and that it will change your life and the way you look at disease. To purchase click on book.3D immage for book

Never again will you have to worry about cancer, heart disease, diabetes, obesity, asthma, kidney and gallbladder stones, hypertension, or a host of other diseases. The more you stick with eating fruit until noon, a salad for lunch and follow the rules for dinner you will see greater changes in your physique, your metabolism, your health and well-being.

Breakfast is easy…just drink fresh fruit juice or eat fruit until noon. Try to have a salad for lunch and a dinner that will enable the inside of your body to keep clean and healthy.

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